Benefits of having a kitchen island

5 Amazing Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island

Nowadays, everyone seems to either have a kitchen island or want one, and rightfully so: an island adds something special to an otherwise typical kitchen. Not only do they make for beautiful design elements, but they also come with numerous benefits that will make your day-to-day life more manageable. In addition, kitchen islands are also versatile – you can choose one in any size and even get a mobile kitchen island cart. So, let’s take a closer look at all the benefits a kitchen island can bring to your table.
1. More Storage Space
The most significant advantage of having a kitchen island is probably the additional storage space you get. You can design your island with extra cabinets, drawers, or pull out shelves underneath or above it and enjoy more space to store your pots, plates, utensils, pans, and food. The extra space also offers solutions for custom storage, including built-in wine racks or hanging utensil racks.
2. Additional Appliances and Outlets
Aside from all the extra storage you get, you can benefit from adding appliances and outlets. Whether you’ve dreamed of having a dishwasher, second heating range, or a premium coffee maker, a kitchen island can be connected to electricity, gas, and plumbing, making it easy to install appliances of all sizes beneath the countertop.

3. Heart of the kitchen
A kitchen island is a natural eye-catcher and creates a focal point in the room and often becomes the place where everyone gathers. Whether it’s the kids doing their homework or guests joining you while you cook, a kitchen island lets everyone feel like they’re part of the action. Personalize your island by designing it in a way that underlines your style and use it to display cookbooks, favorite dinnerware, or your children’s artwork.

4. Extra Seating
If you lack sufficient kitchen seating, an island provides the perfect solution. Ideal for family breakfasts, cooking dinner with your children, or seating additional guests while entertaining, it’s always beneficial to have extra seating. While small kitchens may have space for just two kitchen island chairs, large ones can typically seat up to six extra people.
5. Increases Your Home Value
Since a home’s value is usually tied to the amenities it offers, a well-designed kitchen island can raise it significantly. If you sold your house empty, you’d only be offering the land and building. Thinking of selling your home in the future? Then, consider adding a kitchen island for higher profits.
Whether you want to add storage, seating, or simply want a place to gather with family and friends, a center island is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Kitchen islands come in many different price points and designs, whether you want a green kitchen island or an industrial kitchen island, or something completely different, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide, plan 42 inches of space on each side for optimal movement and appliance use and you can be assured that your kitchen island will quickly become the heart of your home.

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