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The Advantages of Flat Pack Furniture (ready-to-assemble furniture)

The Advantages of Flat Pack Furniture

We all enjoy simplifying life, especially when it comes to moving or renovating our homes. One of the ways to alleviate the stress that comes with moving house is flat pack furniture, also known as ready to assemble furniture. It is crafted from a blend of particleboard, MDF, solid hardwood, and plastic materials combined and put under extreme pressure. The pieces are delivered in carton flat-packed package boxes and come with the instructions and all the nuts and bolts necessary for assembly. If you’re looking for the pros and cons of flat pack furniture, read on to find out the many benefits we’ve researched for you. 1. Affordability Probably the most appealing benefit of flat pack furniture is that it is much cheaper than pre-assembled furniture. Especially when choosing to furnish your entire home with flat pack tables, chairs, beds, and cabinets, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Benefit from practical furniture and great designs that are easy to assemble yourself at low prices. 2. It’s Compact Designed to fold up and away easily, flat pack furniture often comes with numerous versatile features that enable it to fit into any room layout seamlessly. Moreover, since it’s compact, it can adapt to and accommodate many different spaces, making it the ideal choice for small rooms in tiny apartments or houses. 3. Easy to Assemble and Dismantle Since it’s simple to dismantle, transport, and deliver on your own, you won’t have to deal with any flat pack furniture assembly cost. This is especially useful when you move homes and plan on taking your furniture with you. Moving flat pack furniture up and down the stairs in your home thus becomes effortless, and you even get to save money from having to rent fewer moving vans. 4. Sustainability Many furniture designers today conceptualize eco-friendly flat packs that add to a more sustainable home living environment in response to the growing concerns around climate change and our environment. Flat pack furniture is compact and comes with recyclable material, effectively reducing the carbon footprint levels of traditionally manufactured furniture. 5. They are Highly Customizable Whatever your style preference is, flat pack furniture can easily be customized as it comes in classic and simple styles that allow for endless personalization opportunities; all you need to do is let your imagination soar. The internet is full of furniture hack forums and communities, so if you want to explore ideas for the pieces you bought, you can do a simple google search to find design suggestions for turning your simple furniture into art pieces. Flat pack furniture is environmentally friendly, affordable, easy to assemble, and ideal for customization according to your style preference. Since it’s easy to transport and deliver, you can take it with you to any home you plan to live in for years to come. By blending practicality with style and going green, flat pack furniture offers you a versatile solution to furnishing and decorating any home.

Benefits of having a kitchen island

5 Amazing Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island

Nowadays, everyone seems to either have a kitchen island or want one, and rightfully so: an island adds something special to an otherwise typical kitchen. Not only do they make for beautiful design elements, but they also come with numerous benefits that will make your day-to-day life more manageable. In addition, kitchen islands are also versatile – you can choose one in any size and even get a mobile kitchen island cart. So, let’s take a closer look at all the benefits a kitchen island can bring to your table. 1. More Storage Space The most significant advantage of having a kitchen island is probably the additional storage space you get. You can design your island with extra cabinets, drawers, or pull out shelves underneath or above it and enjoy more space to store your pots, plates, utensils, pans, and food. The extra space also offers solutions for custom storage, including built-in wine racks or hanging utensil racks. 2. Additional Appliances and Outlets Aside from all the extra storage you get, you can benefit from adding appliances and outlets. Whether you’ve dreamed of having a dishwasher, second heating range, or a premium coffee maker, a kitchen island can be connected to electricity, gas, and plumbing, making it easy to install appliances of all sizes beneath the countertop. 3. Heart of the kitchen A kitchen island is a natural eye-catcher and creates a focal point in the room and often becomes the place where everyone gathers. Whether it’s the kids doing their homework or guests joining you while you cook, a kitchen island lets everyone feel like they’re part of the action. Personalize your island by designing it in a way that underlines your style and use it to display cookbooks, favorite dinnerware, or your children’s artwork. 4. Extra Seating If you lack sufficient kitchen seating, an island provides the perfect solution. Ideal for family breakfasts, cooking dinner with your children, or seating additional guests while entertaining, it’s always beneficial to have extra seating. While small kitchens may have space for just two kitchen island chairs, large ones can typically seat up to six extra people. 5. Increases Your Home Value Since a home’s value is usually tied to the amenities it offers, a well-designed kitchen island can raise it significantly. If you sold your house empty, you’d only be offering the land and building. Thinking of selling your home in the future? Then, consider adding a kitchen island for higher profits. Whether you want to add storage, seating, or simply want a place to gather with family and friends, a center island is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Kitchen islands come in many different price points and designs, whether you want a green kitchen island or an industrial kitchen island, or something completely different, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide, plan 42 inches of space on each side for optimal movement and appliance use and you can be assured that your kitchen island will quickly become the heart of your home.

Wood Furniture care- natural products (What kind of detergents to use, how to maintain)

The Best Ways to Maintain and Clean Your Wooden Furniture

Wood is both classic and rustic, making it a timeless and much-beloved material for furniture. Regardless of your interiors, chances are, good wood furniture will make the perfect addition. However, to ensure that you get to enjoy your wooden pieces for many years to come, you need to know how to maintain them well and clean them properly. We’ve compiled essential tips to help you keep your light or dark wood furniture looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

How to Maintain Your Wood Furniture

Use coasters and placemats - Make sure to always use coasters for glasses/mugs and placemats for plates to protect your surfaces from hot food to avoid any damage or rings. ● Avoid sunlight - Keep furniture out of the sunlight as the light can damage or fade the wood.Dust regularly - Dust with soft cloths to remove airborne particles that can scratch the surface. ● Protect the wood using natural polishes and sprays that don’t contain any petroleum or silicone oil for a fresh and shiny finish. ● Treat minor scratches with the tried and tested Old English Scratch Cover to hide abrasions and restore the wood’s original beauty. ● Re-oil dry wood with furniture oil after cleaning it with an appropriate cleaner such as Murphy’s Oil Soap. Set the new oil for 24 hours before using it again. ● Keep the wood smelling fresh by sprinkling baking soda and placing a plate with charcoal in the drawers to absorb smells.

The Best Natural Detergents for Your Wood Furniture

While there are many excellent and affordable cleaning materials for wood furniture on the market, like Old English Wood Cleaner or Method’s Daily Wood Cleaner, a mild dish detergent diluted in water is enough to clean a spot. Simply use a soft cloth dipped in the water-detergent mix, clean the area and wipe with a damp cloth soaked in water – finish by wiping with a dry cloth. Make sure never to use all-purpose cleaners as they can cause damage to the finish. If you want to make a DIY natural cleaner and have been searching the internet for terms such as “Can you clean wood furniture with vinegar?”, “How to clean wood furniture with smoke damage,” you can follow Pistachio Project’s simple recipe, which only requires: ● 1 Spray bottle or jar ● Water ● White Vinegar ● Olive Oil For everyday use: Mix 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar in a spray bottle/jar and add one tablespoon of olive oil. Mix well before spraying directly on the surface and rub clean. For restoring wood or the occasional heavy-duty polish: Mix 1 tablespoon vinegar with three tablespoons of olive oil in a jar. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and then polish and restore your wood. Taking care of your wood furniture is neither complicated nor time-consuming. Still, it is essential for its longevity - and while there are many cleaning materials out there on the market, you can always opt to make your own natural cleaner instead. Either way, using our outlined tips to maintain and clean your wood furniture regularly will ensure that you and your family can enjoy it for many years to come.