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K&M Wood is your trusted brand when it comes to wood-related products. We currently focus our craftmanship on designing elegant kitchen items that will match your existing kitchen interior or complement it. Enhance your kitchen ambiance, and allow your loved ones to relax, entertain and enjoy each other’s company during meals preparations. Your kitchen is not complete without our magnificent, practical kitchen island designs.

In the thirty years that our founder, Karim Massarani, has been in the lumber business, he’s formed a reliable network with natural, exotic timber suppliers. This ensures that the rich grain and delicate texture of the solid wood we use, coupled with the expertise of our experienced craftsmen, guarantees you high-quality furniture. Further, our extensive network in the lumber market elevates to the position of near sole importers of natural wood products. Thus, our products are authentic, eco-friendly, and affordable.

In 2019 Karim Massarani decided to collaborate with furniture suppliers and focus on consumer customers; that was the birth of K&M Wood. At the time, we only serviced North America. But within a short period, the high quality of kitchen items and the excellent customer service endeared us to our clients, propelling our growth to cover the whole of USA. Currently, demands for our creative, timeless furniture designs are picking momentum in Canada and Mexico.

At K&M Wood, conservation is at the core of all that we do, and our employees are environmental enthusiasts at heart. We have optimized our manufacturing processes, from the initial stage of wood acquisition to the furniture crafting stage, so as to reduce wood consumption and maintain the integrity of our products.

To give your kitchen the modern elegance it deserves, you can easily access all our kitchen item designs from our e-commerce. We offer free shipping and guarantee a safe delivery to you. Simply place your order, and we will take care of the rest for you. Excellent customer service is one of our distinguishing qualities. Browse through our unlimited design option for your kitchen today.

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